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Coworking Space


When we have a strong foundational understanding of who we are at our core, our capacity to become solid, functioning, and contributing members of our various communities is enhanced.  Knowing ourselves and our essence inevitably leads us back to our spirituality, an area of life that most Australians are more than a little ambivalent about. Yet when we understand ourselves and our spiritual health needs, much in life naturally begins to fall into place.


For almost a decade at Spiritual Health Association, I led efforts to weave spiritual care principles into mental health practices, supporting and fostering an environment for health services and their communities to elevate and prioritize the spiritual and mental health wellbeing of their patients and staff.


It is apparent to me that all workplaces and communities can benefit by making space to focus on spiritual and mental health to address wellbeing at a fundamental level. And workplace 'wellbeing' is much more than yoga at lunchtime or monthly team drinks after work. To understand wellbeing, we need to explore what it means to us personally, and this begins by understanding ourselves in a holistic sense.

'The part can never be whole unless the Whole is well' - Plato

Most of us have a handle on our physical, emotional and mental health needs, but when was the last time you considered your spiritual health needs? Do you even know what they are and how to articulate them? In my experience, this domain of our expression is overlooked and misunderstood, yet it provides the foundation of who we are and how we see and understand ourselves in the world.

This work is evidenced based and informed by international best practice, and supported by spiritual care practitioner accreditation, holistic counselling, interfaith ministry, clinical pastoral education and community development qualifications and 35yrs experience in healthcare.


I work to enrich all so that everyone feels empowered to contribute equally.

Your work and dedication have not gone unnoticed, and you have made a lasting difference in the lives of many.


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