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Funeral Planning & Advance Care 

Our lives are an interconnected web of relationships of the people we care deeply about. Individual responsibility is elevated when we honour those relationships in caring ways, and one such way is by making some life and death decisions at appropriate times along the life span.

We live in an ageing society and many of our loved ones are approaching the end of their lives. Supporting our elders to explore latter life decisions assists them to enjoy the remainder of their life knowing they have their affairs in order.

I have personally observed when people take responsibility for themselves in this way, their emotional, spiritual, and social health improves as a significant burden is lifted. And family members are reassured that they will be fulfilling their loved ones wishes when that time inevitably comes.

Anne D, Melbourne

I cried and cried when I read the funeral service you prepared for our mother. It was beautiful in every way. You captured her essence and made me feel like she would be in our hearts forever. Thank you doesn’t seem enough.

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I'd just come home from 4 weeks on a boat when I received a call from Shane who had advised me that his mother had passed away.  He had found an envelope amongst his mother’s things with my business card in it and instructions to get in touch with me to commence the funeral ceremony preparations.  I had had two meetings with Shane and Anne’s mother 10 years earlier and was able to reassure the family that their mother’s funeral service would reflect her wishes.

Consequently, a significant burden was lifted from the family at the time of her passing, owing to her organisation many years before.

Encouraging our elders (or anyone) to explore their end-of-life choices in a timely manner enhances everyone’s quality of life, potential to flourish and live with purpose well into later life.

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