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Ceremonies to mark different transitions in life and death have been used since ancient times. Jennifer brings her wealth of wisdom and experience to be able to support you in the facilitation of ritual and ceremony for the ‘rites of passage’ we all encounter as we move through life.


With 12 years’ experience as a Registered Marriage Celebrant in Australia and licensed as a Wedding Officiant in the five boroughs of Greater New York City.* I will support you to realise the marriage ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple and the dreams you hold for your life together.

The way we remember, honour, and celebrate our deceased loved ones is continually evolving. Through many years of observation, I have come to understand the changing funeral rites and memorialisation practices in contemporary Australia and can sensitively support you to navigate what feels right for your circumstances.


Our lives are an interconnected web of relationships of the people we care deeply about. Individual responsibility is elevated when we honour those relationships in caring ways, and one such way is by making some life and death decisions at appropriate times along the life span.

In addition to my work as a celebrant I have a professional role as a mental health spiritual care practitioner, advocate, educator, mentor, and presenter championing holistic person-centred models of universal healthcare.

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