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About Jennifer Greenham

Jennifer Greenham has been a celebrant for over 12 years, and has had the honour of supporting many people through different life transitions.

In approaching my elder years, I feel a sense of ease within myself, and this is reflected in my ability  to bring authenticity, clarity, and simplicity to my role as celebrant. I experience great joy, meaning and purpose in the facilitation of ritual and ceremony for the ‘rites of passage’ we all encounter as we move through life.

I have a natural capacity for holding people in an unimposing way that allows us to explore together the cycle of love, loss, and life. I regard it as an incredible privilege to do this work, it is a source of great personal enrichment for me. 

~  Jennifer Greenham


It is from within the innermost core of our combined souls that we thank-you for capturing the essence of ceremony that we dreamt of. It was perfect and inspirational for many people who will never forget the experience. Jen, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Les & Lou

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