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Funerals & Memorials

The way we remember, honour, and celebrate our deceased loved ones is continually evolving. Through many years of observation, I have come to understand the changing funeral rites and memorialisation practices in contemporary Australia and can sensitively support you to navigate what feels right for your circumstances.


The journey from grief and loss to the early stages of healing begins with and is enhanced by a thoroughly prepared and skilled facilitation of a funeral or memorial service.

Thank you for the journey towards our memorial today. You have been a shining light for me, and I have found hope and wisdom in my journey. Grief become a celebration of souls. Pain in exchange for ongoing love of my children. The memorial will lessen the pain and we will experience the harmony and joy connected to sorrow. I thank you for your powerful role and your healing force. It has made a difference to my whole outlook on life and death. Bless you Jennifer and many thanks.


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